Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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At Big Country Med Spa, we offer multiple options for laser treatment in Abilene, TX.

Keep reading to discover our treatment options while learning how they can help you rediscover your confidence.
AviClear uses FDA-cleared laser technology to target and suppress sebaceous glands. After treatment, your sebaceous glands will begin to produce less oil. This results in less breakouts without the use of systemic medication. There are three treatment sessions that are about 30 minutes each and spaced four to six weeks apart. Clients two years post treatment continue to experience clear skin.

What Is Laser Therapy

It is a non-invasive procedure that uses light energy to address multiple skin concerns.

We are equipped with lasers to address different skin concerns. Our lasers offer dual wavelength platform laser with breakthrough intelligent capabilities. Designed to enable faster, more effective treatments for patients of all skin types.

Different treatments target varying issues. You may want to improve your complexion aesthetically by adding on a laser resurfacing treatment after your facial. Small skin concerns such as cherry angiomas, skin tags, and age spots can be addressed with laser therapy as well.

Areas of unwanted hair can also be removed with a series of laser hair removal treatments.

Common areas of treatments include but are not limited to

When you book your dermal filler treatment with Big Country Med Spa, you’ll enjoy an easy, predictable procedure. Our process for  dermal filler  in Abilene, TX, includes the following:

  • Hair Removal: for both men and women. common areas of treatment include the chin, upper lip, sideburns, neck, back, chest, abdomen, bikini, arms, and legs 
  • Skin brightening: Laser therapy can be used for skin resurfacing tone and tightening and is a great add on after a facial. 
  • Quicker cell turnover: means a fresher, brighter complexion. Other anti-aging benefits include skin tightening and a more even complexion.
  • Telangiectasia : or small red vessel often affecting the face can be addressed with laser treatments.
  • Cherry angiomas: non cancerous benign skin growth made of blood vessels that may appear as small red bumps on the skin.   
  • Acne: our acne laser device is FDA cleared for acne treatment and in studies was found to be as effective as Accutane in treating acne.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser treatment should not be painful. However, you may experience some popping sensations to the skin and some areas may be more uncomfortable than others. Our advanced technology provides an overall very comfortable experience.
The effects of laser hair removal treatments are long term some require occasional touch ups which can be years apart.

For laser hair removal we ask you to shave 24 hours prior to your appointment. No waxing or plucking hairs 4 weeks prior to your appointment. No natural tanning, tanning beds or spray tanning 2 weeks prior to laser hair removal.

For any facial treatments we ask you to come with clean skin and no product on the skin.

Laser Hair removal requires 6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Our protocol for acne requires a series of 3 treatments spaced one month apart.



Hyaluronic Acid filler utilized in different areas to add volume, smooth lines and wrinkles, support bone loss. Primarliy used in the lips, nasolabial folds, Jaw line, cheeks, chin, and under eyes


Cosmetic Injections - Xeomin

It’s the anti-wrinkle injection that’s double filtered, with its active ingredient containing only what is needed.


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