Face and Body Waxing in Abilene, TX

Excess hair on your face and body is often frustrating, especially when you prefer to have a smoother, softer appearance. At Big Country Med Spa in Abilene, TX, we offer complete facial and body waxing. Waxing is a quick and easy way to temporarily remove unwanted hair, with men and women alike choosing the procedure for several different reasons. 

Many of our med spa clients come to us seeking waxing services at the beginning of the summer or before a tropical vacation. Waxing is the perfect way to prepare for a big event, and at Big Country Med Spa, we are here to help. Whether by shaping your eyebrows or making sure your legs look great in a cocktail dress, we can prepare you for any occasion. Call us today at (325)400-6830 to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards enjoying the look and feel you prefer.

Benefits of Waxing

There are several ways to remove hair from your face and body, but few are as comprehensive and effective as waxing. Waxing is a long-term method of hair removal that is safe to use on nearly any area of your body. Not only does this procedure enable us to remove unwanted body hair carefully and precisely, but the results are long-lasting. Waxing offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Encouraging skin health
  • Less skin irritation than shaving or other hair removal methods
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Less hair trauma or breakage 
  • Reducing the occurrence of ingrown hairs
  • Promoting smoother and finer hair regrowth
  • Lasting results

During the procedure, we apply the wax at a comfortably warm (never too hot) temperature. This allows us to lift the hair away quickly and uniformly, leaving skin smooth and unblemished. Waxing removes your hair straight from the root, leaving no bumps or irritation behind. 

Our Waxing Services

Waxing is a quick and easy way for both men and women to remove unwanted hair. At Big Country Med Spa, our facial waxing services include:

  • Nose Wax
  • Facial Sides Wax
  • Eyebrow Wax
  • Full Face Wax
  • Ear Wax
  • Lip Wax
  • Chin Wax

For your body, our treatment choices include:

  • Underarm Wax
  • Full Arms Wax
  • Half Arm Wax (choice of upper or lower arms)
  • Half Back Wax (choice of upper or lower)
  • Almost Brazilian
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Brazilian Maintenance
  • Bikini Wax

We use high-quality wax that is proven effective for removing everything from the lightest peach fuzz to the darkest and coarsest pubic hair. 

When you come in for a consultation, one of our expert aestheticians will talk with you about your skin type and cosmetic objectives. Waxing isn’t for everyone—for example, if you have sensitive skin, waxing may irritate or damage it. That’s why it is essential to discuss your desired goals before waxing so that we can ensure that every treatment you receive from us enhances your natural beauty.

Preparing for Your Waxing Appointment

We want your waxing experience to be as simple and relaxing as possible, so we’ll let you know in advance what to expect and how to prepare before you come in for your waxing appointment. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions and ensure that you understand exactly what your treatment entails. For example, you do not want to shave or dermaplane before your waxing appointment. We recommend that your hair be at least ¼ inch long so that the wax can properly adhere to and remove the targeted hair.

Once your waxing session is complete, we’ll also let you know how to best maintain your results until your next appointment. 

Caring for Your Skin After Waxing

In between waxing appointments, we recommend that you keep your skin moisturized and exfoliated. Our goal is to keep your skin beautiful, so we will consult with you and share the steps necessary to maintain your smooth, beautiful skin.

Maintaining Your Skin's Smooth Glow Between Waxes

Waxing is not a permanent solution to hair removal. However, while it is a temporary treatment, you will enjoy the benefits of waxing for a significant period of time before the hair starts to grow back. It can take up to eight weeks for hair to grow back, and keeping a consistent waxing schedule ensures minimal regrowth and pesky stray hairs. We are happy to help keep your skin smooth and silky by setting up a schedule of waxing appointments, allowing you to maintain your gorgeous results for as long as possible.

At Big Country Med Spa, our licensed aestheticians have years of experience in hair removal and skin health. Our primary focus is the quality of your results and your experience with us. Whether this is your first time getting waxed or you've done it a hundred times, you can trust that you're in good hands. Call us today at (325) 400-6830 to schedule an appointment and experience superior waxing in Abilene, TX.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, waxing your face is a great way to shape your eyebrows and eliminate unsightly facial hair. Contrary to popular myth, waxing doesn’t cause hair to grow back thicker and darker; in fact, it’s just the opposite. Waxing slows down hair regrowth, and when hair does return, it is softer and lighter.  

Before coming in for facial waxing, your face should be clean and free of product. We also ask that you discontinue use of any retinol or retinoid products for a week prior to your appointment, as they increase skin sensitivity. 

Waxing is great for your body! Not only does it remove unwanted hair, but it also exfoliates your skin in the process. In addition, it helps lessen the occurrence of painful ingrown hairs.

Hair removal methods are a personal choice, so the answer is: whichever works better for you. Waxing has many advantages over shaving, but some people may have sensitive skin that reacts to waxing. At Big Country Med Spa, our expert aestheticians can help you determine if waxing is right for you.

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