brow lamination
Brow Lamination

Brow lamination, like lash lifts, uses a perming treatment to set the hairs semi-permanently with chemicals. During treatment, we’ll use a nourishing oil to prevent irritation, and in less than an hour, you’ll have results that last up to six weeks. Brow lamination makes filling in your brows easier each morning by lasting from makeup application to makeup removal to makeup application while also:

  • Semi-permanently covering thin spots and scars for a fuller appearance
  • Creating a more even look by separating and combing out bunched patches 
  • Redirecting the growth of stubborn hairs

brow tint and henna
Brow Tint and Henna

In 25 minutes, receive brows you don’t have to take a brow pencil to for one month. First, we’ll wax to remove smaller stray hairs above and below your natural brow line and shape your brows. Next, we’ll use a vegetable pigment and hydrogen peroxide mix to activate a dramatic, deep color during application.

The semi-permanent tint creates a bold yet natural look. You also don’t have to worry about asymmetrical brows ever again like you would if filling them in manually. However, if you want a longer-lasting tint, consider henna tints that sit for 45 minutes to create eight weeks of hue.

When you’re ready to look like the models in lash commercials, trust our treatments for brows and lashes in Abilene, TX. Call Big Country Medical Spa at 325-400-6830 to book today!

Never Taxing Eyebrow Waxing in Abilene, TX

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Manually plucking straggler hairs around our eyebrows is a time-consuming and painful experience. That’s why more people are turning to eyebrow waxing in Abilene, TX, which removes excessive strands in one swift pulling motion. If you’re tired of hunching over your magnified mirror for over an hour, trust Big Country Medical Spa for perfect shaping and long-lasting results. 

The Waxing Process

The waxing process takes about 15 minutes to complete, making it a procedure you can squeeze in at any time during the day. Once you make an appointment with one of our top aestheticians, they’ll seat you in a treatment room where you’ll lean back and relax in one of our comfy chairs. 

They’ll then almost immediately begin prepping your brows with a pre-wax gel. The pre-wax gel disinfects and soothes the area to make the waxing as non-abrasive as possible.

After combing your brow hairs, your aesthetician will consider your sensitivity to determine whether you require a gentler wax. They’ll also consider the following before beginning your quality eyebrow waxing in Abilene, TX:

  • Your face shape
  • Your natural eyebrow shape 
  • The height and width of your arch 
  • The length of your brow tail 

The aesthetician will apply the wax above and below your brow line and place strips along it. After removing the strips, you’ll notice a smooth, silky, hair-free surface. Slight redness is common, but if irritation occurs, the aesthetician can apply an anti-inflammatory cream for comfort. 

The Benefits of Waxing

Eyebrow wax has a leg up on its tweezing and threading counterparts. Rather than creating an unsightly mess of tiny hairs in your sink, waxing is a clean way to dispose of pulled hairs. However, the benefits go deeper than this alone since you’ll notice:

  • Longer results: Tweezing usually causes hairs to snap, leaving irremovable short strands in place. Waxing removes the hairs in full by pulling them from the roots so they don’t grow back as easily. 
  • Fast procedure: Instead of pulling one strand at a time, it just takes a few strips to remove all unflattering hairs. It’s also a less painful method for redefining your brow shape. 
  • Accuracy: It’s easy to get carried away and pluck hairs that you shouldn’t when tweezing. Waxing allows a professional to place the wax strips while considering your overall brow shape. This way, the aesthetician doesn’t accidentally pluck hairs on your brow line that would otherwise negatively affect your brow shape. 

After eyebrow waxing in Abilene, TX, ask about our lamination and tints for brow hairs. These procedures will comb, set, and color your brow hairs semi-permanently.

When you need lashes and brows done in under half an hour during your busy day, rely on us. Our experienced and qualified team at Big Country Medical Spa uses quality equipment and products. With our evolving procedures, trust us with eyebrow waxing in Abilene, TX, by calling 325-400-6830 today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Waxing your eyebrows is a beneficial procedure that does more than clean the surface of your skin where you don’t want hair growth. It promotes softer regrowth with weaker follicles, which creates a thinner and more invisible appearance. It’s also easier to remove hairs later on. 

The process of eyebrow waxing takes about 15 minutes. However, the results remain between three to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair naturally grows. 

Before coming in for your appointment, consider your ideal brow shape and whether you have any allergies or irritations. Discuss soothing products with your expert and previous treatments and concerns. Also, come in with your brows grown out and undone with no products in them. 

When preparing for eyebrow waxing in Abilene, TX, ensure you’re not wearing any makeup. Foundation and concealer can cover up lighter hairs. Brow products and fillers also affect the look of your brows, altering what the professional sees and how they go about removals.


Eyebrow Tint$10
Eyebrow Wax & Tint $30
Brow Lamination $75
Lashes ( Lift & Tint)$100
Lash Tint$25
Lash Lift And Tint$100

Eyebrow Wax and Tint

Eyebrows are first waxed along the top and bottom. Then, semi-permanent color is added to fill-in brow color. Lasts up to a month.


Brow Lamination

Lifts brows and keeps them in place. Last 4-6 weeks ​


Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrows are first waxed then semi permanent color is added to fill in brow color. Lasts up to a month


Brow Lamination

Lifts brows and keeps them in place. Lasts for four to six weeks. ​