The Best Way To Get Luscious Lashes in Abilene, TX, With Big Country Medical Spa

Save time during your morning routine by waking up with the perfect lashes and brows every time with our help!

Movie characters always seem to wake up with their hair and makeup flawlessly done, as if they expect the camera first thing in the morning. Most envy the fictitious world that makes everyone look great at all moments of the day, but with Big Country Medical Spa, that fantasy becomes a reality. Our comprehensive treatments promote confidence with brows and lashes in Abilene, TX, by providing the following cosmetic benefits.

lash lift
Lash Lifts

Lashes grow straight out from your eyelids, nearly invisible from a head-on perspective. Rather than allow them to make your eyes appear smaller, trust our team of experienced aestheticians to give you a lash lift. 

A lash lift takes irritating lash glue and synthetic false lash fabrics out of the picture. Instead, a lift modifies your natural lash shape by curling each lash upward with a special rod. This perming process effectively brightens your eye area for up to two months by:

  • Making you seem more awake 
  • Allowing your lashes to appear longer and wispier 
  • Giving you a youthful yet sophisticated look 

lash tint
Lash Tints

After lengthening your lashes, trust a lash stylist to make the individual strands appear thicker, giving you a fuller, luscious look without messy mascara. The cruelty-free tint primes and defines your lashes, creating a semi-permanent dye job.

Unlike our competitors’ lash tints that last only half as long, our quality lashes in Abilene, TX, provide a dramatized look for eight weeks.

brow lamination
Brow Lamination

Brow lamination, like lash lifts, uses a perming treatment to set the hairs semi-permanently with chemicals. During treatment, we’ll use a nourishing oil to prevent irritation, and in less than an hour, you’ll have results that last up to six weeks. Brow lamination makes filling in your brows easier each morning by lasting from makeup application to makeup removal to makeup application while also:

  • Semi-permanently covering thin spots and scars for a fuller appearance
  • Creating a more even look by separating and combing out bunched patches 
  • Redirecting the growth of stubborn hairs

brow tint and henna
Brow Tint and Henna

In 25 minutes, receive brows you don’t have to take a brow pencil to for one month. First, we’ll wax to remove smaller stray hairs above and below your natural brow line and shape your brows. Next, we’ll use a vegetable pigment and hydrogen peroxide mix to activate a dramatic, deep color during application.

The semi-permanent tint creates a bold yet natural look. You also don’t have to worry about asymmetrical brows ever again like you would if filling them in manually. However, if you want a longer-lasting tint, consider henna tints that sit for 45 minutes to create eight weeks of hue.

When you’re ready to look like the models in lash commercials, trust our treatments for brows and lashes in Abilene, TX. Call Big Country Medical Spa at 325-400-6830 to book today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Perming is neither abrasive nor permanent. Even if an inexperienced aesthetician incorrectly shapes your lashes or adds too much chemical solution, your lashes return to normal in about four to six weeks. That’s because lashes usually fall out and regrow healthy within that timeframe. 

While lash treatments and outcomes vary between cosmetic companies, our team uses top-of-the-line products for long-lasting results. Both lifts and tints last six to eight weeks, and henna tints last even longer. 

Immediately after getting lifts for your lashes in Abilene, TX, ensure you don’t touch or apply anything to your lashes for at least 24 hours. That includes cleansers, water, and mascara. You should also use a special lash conditioner or serum daily to keep your lashes healthy.

Since lash lifts last about two months, you can get the procedure redone each time you notice the strands start to fall. Your lashes will be safe if you’re not doing it more than once a month.


Lash Tint

Semi-permanent dye is used to darken lashes for a more defined eye look without mascara. Lasts six to eight weeks.


Lash Lift and Tint

Lashes are first curled with a curling rod to semi-permanently curl the lashes. Then, lashes are tinted with a semi-permanent dye to give defined eye look without mascara.